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Information about Timisoara

Timisoara was the first city in ...


Touristic Information

Due to the baroque style which is predominating in the building architecture the city is often called “The Little Vienna”. We present here some of the highlights of the "city of flowers":

The Metropolitan Cathedral

cathedralBuilt between 1936 and 1946 (following the designs of the architect Ioan Traianescu) the Cathedral si dedicated to the Three Holy Hierarchs, Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom. It has 11 towers, the highest among them having 96 meters. The bell system (weighing 8,000 kilograms) is electrically activated, while the bells are cast out of some extremely rare metals importated from Sumatra and Borneo Islands. Some of the religious items (paintings, old icons) inside the Cathedral can be seen here.


The Romanian National Opera

operaThis Opera House was founded by Royal Decree on March 30, 1946. On September 24, 2004, as a recognition for over six decades of artistic activity, it obtained the "national" title. It is one of the most valuable institutions of culture in the country. Having a capacity of 700 places, the Romanian National Opera of Timisoara offers today over 100 yearly representations of opera, operreta and ballet.


The Statue of She-Wolf

lupoaicaThe statue of “She-wolf” (“Lupoaica”, “Romulus and Remus”) is inaugurated in the center of the town (1926). It was a gift from the Italian authoritioes, and it became later the town symbol.


Additional information about the city landmarks such as

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Romania's currency is Leu (plural "Lei" - pronunciation: lay). The abbreviation RON (Romanian New Leu) is often used. The exchange rates may vary on daily basis and can be found here.

ATM machines are available in hotels, banks or shopping centers. Various types of credit cards as American Express, Mastercard or Visa are usually accepted in shopping centers. Currency Exchange Offices ("Casa de Schimb Valutar") often offer the best exchange rates.

It is important to know that shops only accept the local currency (Leu).


Weather Forecast

In this period of the year the daily temperature typically varies from 8°C to 18°C. The probability that precipitation will be observed during the workshop is about 37%. The relative humidity ranges between 59% and 92%. On October 12 the length of daytime is 10h57' (Sunrise at 7:52, Sunset at 18:49).